Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Press Release

Atari Go Club wins against Yu Go Club and Santa Monica Go Club
Traffic Cup 2015

Arcadia, CA – After a long seven years of silence, the Reiyukai America/Yu Go Club’s Traffic Cup is back! On Saturday, May 16, Go players representing the Yu Go Club (by Reiyukai America in Pasadena), and the Santa Monica Go Club visited the Atari Go Club in Arcadia for a team tournament.

The attending players were:
Rintaro Miyamoto 6d, Hendrik Rommeswinkel 1k, Stephen McLaughlin 5k, and Greg Kulevich 7k representing Yu Go Club.
Andrew Liu 7d, Seth Cardew 2d, Andy Okun 1d, William Kim 8k representing Atari Go Club
And lastly, but not least, Norman Tsai 7d, Daniel Su  11k, Derek Su 17k and David Su 19k from Santa Monica Go Club.

Each team played two games against other teams. Atari Go Club tied against Yu Go Club, and defeated Santa Monica Go Club. Yu Go Club tied against both Atari Go Club and Santa Monica Go Club. Santa Monica Go Club lost to Atari Go Club.

As a result, the new holder of the Traffic Cup, a traveling trophy plaque, is now in the hands of Atari Go Club Members!

“I remember playing the first Traffic Cup against Yu Go Club and can’t believe it’s been seven years since then. We should not wait another seven years but perhaps we can do this every seven months!” Said Andy Okun, President of the American Go Association, who played on behalf of the Atari Go Club

This is such a wonderful local Go event. The three biggest Go clubs in Southern California competing and interacting with each other – we've got to keep it going! Also hopefully, we can have more go clubs and players in the next Traffic Cup! ” Said Evan Cho, representing Atari Go Club who also served as the Tournament Director.

“Inter-club tournaments are a great opportunity to interact between club members. I look forward for more possibilities like this. Definitely our Yu Go Club will challenge the Atari Go Club to get back the plaque!” Said Toshiro Obara, organizer of Yu Go Club supported by Reiyukai America.

For more information, contact Toshiro Obara at 626.356.8055,

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