Thursday, January 21, 2010

REPORT: Yu Go Club New Year Intra Club Tournament!

Yu Go Club's Nicky and Dani Kerr are writing about the Intra Club Tournament that was organized on January 3. Let's take a look!


The morning started off with many cheery hellos; everyone was fresh and ready for a great time! What better way could there be to spend a Sunday afternoon than surrounded by your Go buddies.

We went right to work splitting the competitors into two bite sized groups. The teens and the adults fought it out amongst themselves for the top spots in their category. Many dreams died that day and many calories were ingested. Thanks for the snacks!

Only three teens and three adults were allowed to advance to the finals. Their bravery through battle had won them the sought after intra-club “bragging rights”. As a bonus they were allotted each one prize and using their finely tuned mental prowess they selected their spoils. All the teens selected fans and the adults, finely crafted Japanese style boxes.

It’s a good thing everyone was on the same wavelength, because the final round was (by popular demand) a grand three on three battle fought by the finalists on…a single board.

The most challenging aspect of a multi player Go game is certainly keeping track of whose turn it is to deal the next blow. Seriously.

Jingbo and Joe Masiero were kind enough to record the game and were able still to take part in the daunting task of intimidating the opposing adolescence. The adults had those babies hiding behind their frilly bunny print fans.

It made them all the cuter. So cute in fact that it caused the adults to let down their guard and in the end, it cost them the game. Final results: Ezana, Dani and Nicky managed a win against Joe, Jingbo and Terry.

A big round of applause for our organizer Jonathan Luc! And another for the wonderful duo at Reiyukai who provided the snacks and an awesome place to meet our friends and play Go!

Article written by Nicky and Dani Kerr

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