Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Yu Go Club dazzled at the Cotsen Go Tournament! 

Yu Go Club participated at the Cotsent Go Tournament! Here is the report from our youth members!

Things got off to a slow start but it was definitely worth the wait! With about 165 participants - some from as far away as Tacoma in Washington, Tucson in Arizona and Canada- there was never a dull moment.

Our club was not the largest but we were definitely the best dressed! Wearing our club logo on wonderfully designed light blue shirts we attracted all! Some even wore theirs backwards so their long hair would not obscure the wonderful logo. Many mighty warriors fought long and grueling battles on the Go boards and at least half felt the horrible sting of defeat. Yu Go Club member, Ezana -who had only been playing for two months- and Luis from our club doled out the most merciless plays; leaving most every
opponent shattered on the floor. Thank goodness for the Masseuses!

The “Yu Go Club” consists of many skilled players. The following ones participated in this tourney: Alf Mikula and Joe Walters- founding members of our club- Luis Armendariz - who went undefeated throughout the whole ordeal- Jingbo Lou, Don Cram, Jack Cai, Johnathan Luc, Ezana Berhane, Nicky and Dani Kerr -that inseparable duo.

The award ceremony was a blast! Tons of whistling and cheering and even a little jeering as the winners took that long walk to the stage. Certainly their blood pressure was out the roof but thankfully we did not need any stretchers.

The organizers deserve some credit for putting together such an AWESOME tournament, so here it is. It was a wonderful tournament with very generous people.

To end on a happy note; The Yu Go Club got a lot of positive attention and we will surely gain many followers as the year progresses.

(Report written by Nicky Kerr, Dani Kerr and Johnathan Luc)

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