Sunday, August 9, 2009

Go Festival 2009

Reiyukai America's Yu Go Club sponsored the Go Festival 2009 held at the Pasadena Public Library on August 8, 2009.
Here are the results and some pictures from the event.

Advanced division:
1. Johnathan Luc 12k
2. Corey Young 7k
3. Dani Kerr 12k and Nicky Kerr 13k
There was a tie in the third place!!!!
(Photo by Mae Young)

Intermediate Division:
1. Alan Kerr 23k
2. Daniel Yim 21k
3. Max Burkholder 22k
(Photo by Yu Go Club)

13x13 Division:
1. Joshua Schery 25k
2. Anton Lou 25k
3. Tiffy Kerr 28k
(Photo by Mae Young)

and the picture of all the participants!
(Photo by Mae Young)

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