Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ventura County Go Club wins against Yu Go Club

The 8-person team representing the Ventura County Go Club at the “Bragging Rights Go Tournament” March 22, had a wonderful day filled with good games of go, seeing old friends, and meeting new friends who share our enthusiasm for this ancient game. By the end of the day, we felt that the other members of the Yu Go team had also become good go friends who we will be delighted to see the next time we meet.

Ventura County Go Club Team: Ted Drange 2-dan (Team Captain), Inbok Kim 3-dan, Matt Greenberg 2-kyu, David Whiteside 11-kyu, Zac Burns 12-kyu, Tim Rogers 14-kyu, Mitchell Pyle 15-kyu, Steven Fierro 25-kyu
Yu Go Team: Luis Armendariz 8kyu (Team Captain), Huang Ming 2kyu, David Chappel 2kyu, Luke Gordon 2kyu, Joe Walters 8kyu, Johnathon Luc 12kyu, Kazumi Sawaguchi 14kyu, Oliver Collings 20kyu

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