Saturday, September 20, 2008

Yu Go News from the Cotsen

Joe sent me some photos from the Cotsen that I want to share with you:

Some of our representatives from the Yu Go Club. From left to right: Kenneth, James, William's Mom, Luis, Don, Joe, Jackie, and Julia.

Joe says there are 140 players in the tournament. Not bad!

Don considers his next move.

Joe also reports that "The pro beat the computer with the computer taking 7 stones." I think he means Myungwan Kim beat MogoTitan with a 7-stone handicap, but I wish I had more info to share with you, like how many nodes MogoTitan was running on this game, what the final score was, and so on. If you have information on this, please share it in the comments!


Anonymous said...

About the Mogo game --- I am also wondering about the number of cores, but I looked through the game records on
Looks like Mogo got completely destroyed. The computer resigned in both games. I thought the first one was bad for Mogo (black played out a bad ladder through the entire board), but the second one was even worse --- very bloody.


Alf Mikula said...

I downloaded the game records from KGS. People there said MoGoTitan was running on 800 cores, same as the last game.

Before seeing these games, I thought that the MonteCarlo algorithm would have difficulty playing out sequences that depend on a single correct move. Looks like that is correct. The debacle with the ladder and other failures to detect the correct move in a sequence appear to have been of critical importance in these two games.