Friday, September 19, 2008

Review nite for Yu Go Club

The Yu Go Club in Pasadena has added a Thursday Night Review to its activities to help us improve our game. But it is not in Pasadena; it is wherever you might happen to be between 7pm and 9pm if you can log on to KGS.
On Thursday nights we create a room called Yu_Go_Club in the new rooms section of rooms on KGS. Then we select a game to review and a stronger player reviews the game.
This past Thursday we were privileged to be reviewed by Dima Arinkin, 2D, who was a member of our club when he still lived near Pasadena. Now he is on the East Coast in Chapel Hills, S. Carolina but he joined our room last night and taught us a lot about our mistakes in two games that were reviewed.
We don't have a permanent game room on KGS yet, but if this review idea catches on and we can establish a regular crowd, we can request a permanent room.
The Yu Go Club extends its appreciation to Dima for the great reviews and looks forward to more in the future.
If you want a game reviewed, or if you would like to be a reviewer, please drop in to the Yu_Go_Club room next Thursday.

jodageezer on KGS
Joe Walters
Yu Go Club Sec.

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