Thursday, August 14, 2008

Welcome to the Yu Go Club Blog

Welcome to the Yu Go Club! We're a Go Club in Pasadena, California. The club is located at 20 N. Raymond Ave., Suite 200.

Currently the club meets every Wednesday night from 6pm to 10pm, and usually weekly attendance is between 8 and 12 players, with representatives from 30k up to around 1k.

Beginner lessons are given every Wednesday. The first night you attend is free, and after that the membership fee is a low $2.50 per month.

"Yu" means "friendship", and that's the spirit of the club. It's important to us that we keep an open and friendly atmosphere where everyone is welcome to attend.

Over the next few weeks I'll be encouraging our club members to write about items of interest to the Go community. I hope we can cover everything from local Go events to Los Angeles area and other tournaments, articles of interest to the Go community as a whole, what it's been like for you to learn Go as a beginner, or what your journey to Shodan has been like for you, and so on. Please contact me through the blog if you are interested in contributing.

Alf Mikula
President, Yu Go Club


Anonymous said...

Nice blog page Alf. Thanks for putting it up.
I just got back from visiting my 93 year old father and 88 year old mother in Loveland, Co. While there I had a chance to play Go at The Bean Cycle coffee shop in Fort Collins. They have a small group of about 6 to 8 players that get together Wed nites there. I won my first game against their strongest player with me getting a 5 stone handicap. Lost my next two games playing even with two other players after that. They were a very nice group.

What's happening with the upcoming Tournament for the Teens and Kids at the Pasadena Library?

Joe Walters

Alf Mikula said...

The tournament is pretty much on track. We have no idea how many kids we're going to have, but things have really picked up for August.

Jearil said...

Hey Alf. Hope the blog picks up.

I've been having a very busy month, but I should be able to start showing back up at the Library either this week or next.