Sunday, August 24, 2008

Pasadena Central Library Youth Tournament a great success!

Yesterday we had our first Central Library Youth Tournament. It was a 13x13 tournament, and we had a total turnout of 15 participants in the tournament.

Joe Walters, Yu Go Club Secretary, writes:
The recent Pasadena Public Library Teen Go Tournament was a great success. There were about a dozen kids vying for 1nd & 2nd Place Prizes in three divisions. Since it was a Go Fest also, Colin Miller was kept busy introducing the game to first time players. Alf Mikula, who was most instrumental in starting the club at the Pasadena Library, and Nick Smith and Joe Walters handled the tournament. It was a little shaky at first with players coming in late (some thought it started at 2:00pm which is the regular time for their club meeting, but it started at 1:30pm to give us a little more time to complete the games). But after a while everything smoothed out into three divisions which made for a good tournament. The Yu Go Club members have been supporting the PPL Teen Go club by providing "teachers" for their weekly Saturday meetings.

Joe has posted photos online, and you can see them here.

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